Cooking Merit Badge

cookingScouts and Parents,

Tomorrow night, Nov 19, Mrs. Jensen will be at the meeting to start the Cooking Merit Badge with any interested Scouts.

The Cooking Merit Badge became an Eagle required merit badge in January 2014. Any Scout intending to earn their Eagle rank must now complete the badge.

Mrs. Jensen will discuss the requirements for earning the badge, what she will expect from each Scout and begin the discussion on Requirement 1.

Please note that the requirements for the badge changed in January 2014 when the BSA made Cooking an Eagle required badge. If you have a Cooking Merit Badge pamphlet, please make sure that it is the 2014 printing.

You can view the badge requirements and download workbooks for the Cooking merit badge at  The website lists both the 2007-2014 requirements and the 2014+ requirements. Make sure you look at the 2014+ requirements!!

Scouts should Be Prepared by downloading and printing the Cooking Merit Badge Worksheet from Mrs. Jensen will expect Scouts to show that they have read and understood the requirements before signing off on the badge. (Just showing up for the session will not earn you the badge!) Your completed worksheet will show that you have done the work necessary to earn the requirements.

This session will take place during the Troop meeting on Wednesday. We had talked last week about starting before the meeting, but we have changed this and we will now start after the opening ceremony.