Countdown to Yawgoog! Med Forms

As we head into June, we’re beginning to count down to another great summer at Yawgoog Scout Reservation!

We are starting to accept med forms from any Scout or adult that will be attending summer camp. All med forms are due to the Troop no later than June 24!

For additional details and important dates to help you prepare for camp, please visit our 2015 Summer Camp page!

Medical Forms

A current med form, signed by your physician, is required for all Scouts and Adult Leaders who will be attending camp.

Please visit the Yawgoog Health Policy page for more details on the Medical Forms requirements.  There’s even a handy guide for how to fill out the form!

The 2014 BSA Medical Form (Parts ABC) is a PDF form that can be filled out on your computer and saved or printed. Sections A, B and C must be filled in for summer camp. Part C must be filled out and signed by your physician.

Please make note of the following when filling out your Health Form

  • For once, the BSA Health Form is the same for 2015 as it was in 2014!!  You must use the 2014 form for camp this year.
  • Because of the large numbers of Scouts that attend camp each week, all health data must be entered on the official BSA form. Attachments (such as immunization records) are not accepted by the camp staff.
  • You must attach a photocopy of both the front and back of your medical insurance card to the med form to complete the requirements for camp.
  • If your son is required to take medication while at camp, you must fill out the medication list and sign the authorization in Part B.