Additional Opportunities @ Yawgoog

Hello Scouts and Parents

This year, Camp Yawgoog is offering some new Programs for Week 8.  These do not look like your average scout week.   If you are interested, take a look and register.


Mr. Valante


Fun Friends Adventure at Yawgoog Scout Reservation
Registration opens February 15 at 6PM
Brand New- Starting out the new millennium at Yawgoog we will offer Eight super exciting adventures for Scouts during week Eight and one during week seven. Below is a brief description of each one. For more information, go to: These adventures do not replace a Scouts experience at Summer Camp with his Troop, but offers an exciting alternative to a high adventure base right here at home.
CLIMB ON: Spend week eight with our challenge staff at Yawgoog learning all aspects of the high ropes course. With that knowledge you will spend a day at Pinnacle Rock in Plainville, CTY scaling a 90 ft. cliff face which offers a variety of climbs including bouldering, slabs, dihedrals, overhangs, faces and cracks. Spend a second day at a state of the art Aerial Adventure Park which includes with 5 unique elevated trails with over 70 platforms, obstacles and zip lines. (Min Age 14 Limit 20 Cost: $440/$640) * See Below
TOTAL AQUATICS: Bring your bathing suit and plenty of towels. You will be based at the Sandy Beach Waterfront. Spend your time Swimming,  Kayaking, Canoeing, Snorkeling and teaming up for ultimate Water Polo games at our Sandy Beach waterfront. But what else? How about a Float Trip down the Pawcatuck river complete with Super-Soakers , just to make it interesting. And that’s not it-How about a day at Scarborough Beach on the ocean. And MORE-A day ay Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park. You can swim, snorkel, Kayak, Cliff Jumping, Rock Climbing, Zip Lines, Waterslides and Rope Swings.(Min Age 12 Limit 40 Cost $345/$545) * See Below
LIVE TO FISH: That’s right-Live to Fish-at least for a week. Spend all week hauling in members of the paraphyletic group of organisms that consist of gill-bearing aquatic craniate animals that lack limbs with digits. And you will do this all over Yawgoog and Wincheck Ponds. You will learn to fish using a conventional spin Rod and Reel and also how to Fly fish with the Fly rod and reel that comes with this Adventure. We will venture down to the local fish hatchery and take a casts into the ponds that are there. Now-here is the topper. We will get up early one morning and head down to the Port of Galilee and board the 100 foot Gale Frances for some ocean fishing on RI sound 4. (Min Age 11 Limit 40 Cost $345/$545)
FDCY Yawgoog’s Finest: Spend the week working with search and rescue dogs, a visit with the BOMB SQUAD, work a Jaws of Life destroying a couple of junk cars, you’ll talk with the State Fire Marshall, go to the Alton Fire Training facility and don full fire gear entering the smoke filled building. You’ll go to the Fire Station and Police station and perhaps even get locked up behind bars. During the week you will erect a building and then on Saturday, we will set it on fire and the Fire and Rescue will respond showing you all the steps to putting out a fire. (Min Age 13 Limit 32 Cost $315/$515)
LAW AND ORDER YSR: Work with the police as they process a crime scene. Visit a police station and learn how they process criminal and continue to investigate crimes. We will go to the local Courthouse and witness a case being prosecuted and then have some time with the prosecutor and the trial judge to learn more about the justice system. We will also have local, state and federally elected officials as guests throughout the week. (Min Age 13 Limit 24 Cost $295/$515)
YAWGOOG TOP SHOT: Spend the complete week emerged in our Shooting Sports. We will have EXPERT Archery, Rifle and Black Powder demos. Visit a local gun club and try your expertise at LONG RANGE targets. While you are there watch a demonstration on other types of firearms. Shoot our new Black Powder rifles and try to split the bullet on an axe head hitting targets on both sides. We will have competitions in each of the three areas. (Min Age 14 Limit 24 Cost $325/$545)
HORSEMANSHIP: Spend either the Mornings or the Afternoon all week at Stepping Stone Ranch. You will learn Barn Etiquette, Grooming, Saddling, Horse Care and Shoeing. You will go on Trail Rides and at the end of the week there will be a Relay Race completion. The rest of your time you can enjoy the rest of Yawgoog. (Limit 24 Cost $410/610) * See Below
COME SAIL AWAY: Three days-Two nights sailing on Narragansett Bay.  You will learn Seamanship and Navigation. You will have your time on watch and steering the boat. You will cook aboard and off the boat you will snorkel, have beach parties, clambakes, visit Fort Adams and URI’S Narragansett Bay Campus where Bob Ballard has his research lab. You will be aboard either “Starbound” a 72-foot tall ship or “Golden Goose” a 40-foot schooner. (Min Age 14 Limit 20  Cost $375/$575) * See Below
JUST THEATRE:   WEEK SEVEN Work with young adults from The Contemporary Theatre Company in Wakefield RI. You will be totally immersed into Theatre Production. You will learn: Set Design, Make-up, Casting, Back-drops, Acting and Writing. You will spend most of your time at the Theatre in Down Town Wakefield. The culmination of your week will result in a production that you will put on entirely on your own. This will take place Saturday afternoon. Your friends and family will be invited. YOUR production will be open to the public as well. (Min Age 14 limit 12 Cost $410/$610)
The first price is for a Scout’s second week at Cachalot or Yawgoog. The second price is for a Scout’s only week at either camp.
More Info and to Register go to: