Upcoming Trip: AMC Hut & Ski Trip

Hello Scouts and Parents;

We are in the process of locking down reservations for our next two outings to the AMC Carter Notch Hut (Feb 26th-28th) and Weekend Ski trip(March 18th-20th).   In order to secure these and to get the best rates, we need to book early.   With that, we need to know if you are interested in attending either of these outings  –  that includes Scouts, Parents and Scouting Alumni.

If you are interested please contact myself or your SPL by Feb 8th to let us know which trip you would like to attend.  An email with more details will follow when we get closer to the trip date.


Mr. Valante


  1. Hi Glen,
    Matt is not interested in the Feb. trip but is interested in the March trip.