Zip Line Trip Info (May 20-22nd)

Hello Scouts and Parents

This small troop of daredevils has decided that it might be fun to climb high into trees, attach themselves to cables and fly along the tree tops…   WOW…  Mr. Valante will be watching from the ground.

According to the outfitter, the SUPER SkyRider tour includes:

  •     9 separate ziplines & 6 suspension bridges
  •     Up to 250? above the forest floor
  •     Ziplines over 1600? long
  •     30? vertical ladder climb
  •     “Super White Knuckle” zipline has reached speeds over 60 mph!
  •     Must be at least 70-220 lbs & no taller than 6’5?

About the trip…   We will be heading up on Friday, May 20th and staying at the Hancock Campground off the Kancamagus.  We plan on doing some ziplining and hiking while there.   Depending on availability we may hike Saturday and Zipline on Sunday.   Returning on Sunday afternoon.   For more details about the outfitter, see their website at:   The cost of the trip will be 145$.

If you would like to attend this trip, please confirm w/ Ryan or Sam.   Since this is a pretty unique trip, if there are any adults interested in coming, please contact Mr. Valante.   Please bring your check and permission form to the next meeting.

Two very important things:

  • Due to the significant down payment for reservations, confirming your attendance makes you responsible for the cost of the trip whether you attend or not
  • The SUPER SkyRider tour restrictions: 70-220 lbs. and no taller than 6’5?.


Mr. Valante