Important: Please Read

Greetings Scouts and Parents;

As you may know, this year Scouting for Troop 591 has been difficult.  With limited attendance at meetings and with the few active scouts, we have not been able to provide a productive scouting program to meet the needs of our troop.  We have been talking in our Troop and Committee Meetings about these issues and have come to the decision to not renew our Charter with the Council.  Some Scouts and adults that are looking to continue on with Scouting are considering joining other troops in town.  We encourage anyone who would like to continue to contact myself or Mr. Leonard.

Over the next two meetings, Scouts are reminded:  “Advancement – Get it in…”  You have until the end of March to submit any advancement with the troop.

Our last meeting will be on Wednesday Night – 3/29 at 7:00.  We will have a Court of Honor for any outstanding advancement and merit badges as well as some refreshments and camaraderie.   All alumni are welcome and encouraged to join us.


Mr. Valante