Scoutmaster’s Challenge

The Scoutmaster’s Challenge is a quiz or activity designed to test the Scout’s knowledge of different outdoor skills or topics. These challenges often go beyond what is in the Scout Handbook and require the Scout to think about particular subject or learn a bit more about a particular skill.

Every month we’ll present a new challenge to the Scouts.  Scores will be tallied and the top Scout (or Scouts if it’s a tie) will be named the winner of the challenge.  Prizes will be awarded each month to the winners and the Scout with the top score at the end of the year will receive a special award.

The challenge will be presented here after the 2nd meeting of each month and the answers collected the following week.  Good Luck everyone!

Sep 2010 – How’s Your Camping Etiquette?

Camping Etiquette Challenge

Camping Etiquette Answer Key

Oct 2010 – Whippings and Lashings and Other Knotty Things!

The Knotty Challenge

Nov 2010 – Where the Heck Are We?

The ‘Where the Heck Are We?’ Challenge

Mt. Washington Topo Map